That’s a Wrap: ‘Roar’ Video Is in the Can

Nov. 5 "Roar" video shoot
‘Extras’ in the video ham it up for the closing segment at the Crow’s Nest

In the can. For those of you too young to remember that cameras used to have film that came in metal containers, that’s a good thing. It means that major photography has been completed for the upcoming film. And, that occurred Nov. 5 on the front lawn of the Gainesville campus as more than 200 folks turned out to assist some mass communications students in the production of what they hope will be a viral video.

Participants included everyone from Brenau President Ed Schrader and Women’s College Dean Debra Dobkins to a couple of people who just happened by on their way to lunch and got themselves lined up as extras.

Stay tuned and we will post more photos from the shoot and keep you posted about the final release date for this work of art.