Music in Your Environment: Sense & Sustainability Presentation Nov. 6 Offers a Special Treat

Sustainability is much more than recycling aluminum cans. It involves the entire spectrum of human life, including health and wellness, art appreciation, creativity and logical thinking. Everyone is invited to learn how music is a tool serving all of those purposes at the monthly Sense & Sustainability series event “Music In Your Environment: Shaping Mind, Body and Mood”, a talk by Jack Bell, Wednesday, Nov. 6, in Thurmond McRae Auditorium from 5-6 p.m. The event is free an open to the public.

“People have created different types of music for different purposes all over the world. As the world listens to music, common skills are shared such as: imagination, abstract thinking and instinctive reactions. Through music we become more aware of our shared humanity and the wisdom of others,” said Jack Bell is a retired member of the Atlanta Symphony, percussion expert and snare drummer par excellence.

His talk isn’t about the structure of the classical symphony, or the elements of a Bach fugue. It focuses on the effects music has on humans. Music can calm the mind, it can console or it can energize and vitalize.

The audience will record their “before” and “after” moods surrounding a few musical samples on short check-list type questionnaires. The music will include a four-handed piece performed live on the piano by Brenau music student Yuxi Liu and professor Rudi Kiefer. 

For more information email ude.uanerb@refeikr.