Brenau Staff FERPA Training through Nov. 6

Each year, as part of Brenau University’s SACS accreditation, the Staff Development Committee organizes a required Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act training to assist all faculty and staff members in handling private and sensitive information such as social security numbers, grades and financial records. This year the training is for full and part time staff only.

All staff on all campuses must complete the online FERPA training, which is available today, Oct. 30, through Wednesday, Nov. 6. Simply review the PowerPoint and take the quick, ungraded assessment quiz.

To enter the class site:

1) Go to
2) Click LOGIN
3) Use your Brenau e-mail login and password:

User Name – your full Brenau email address

Password – the first letter of your first name, the month
and day of your birth date (MMDD) and the first letter of your last
name plus a one and an exclamation point (example: jMMDDs1!)
4) See Courses & Groups at the top of the page.  Hover over that and click on the link for FERPA training.

For additional assistance please contact Melissa Drury at ude.uanerb@1namlohm or 770-718-5327.