Gas South offers Discount Rate to Employees

EarthShare of Georgia is a nonprofit that raises funds through employee giving for more than 60 environmental member organizations dedicated to conserving and protecting our air, land and water. Because of his connection with EarthShare of Georgia, Director of Sustainability Rudi Kiefer became aware of a deal that Gas South offers, and for which Brenau employees are eligible.  For every customer, Gas South will donate $12 annually to EarthShare of Georgia.  Customers get a $0.02 discount per them.  There is no obligation (and no solicitation) to join EarthShare or donate money.  Gas South is doing this because they are a contributor to EarthShare of Georgia.

“I just switched my service online to Gas South,” Kiefer wrote, “after realizing how much more our current provide was charging us. The Gas South fixed rate is 57 Cents per therm for 12 months, after discount.  It took 5 minutes to switch our residential service, and they’re even knocking $5 off the first five billings as a welcome present.  It looks like a great deal to me.”

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