Sense and Sustainability Guest Lecture, Oct. 9

Joan Maloof, Professor Emeritus at Salisbury University, is the renowned author of  “Teaching the Trees: Lessons from the Forest” (University of Georgia Press, 2005), and an expert in old-growth forest issues. Her second book, “Among the Ancients: Adventures in the Eastern Old-Growth Forests,” was published in April 2011 by Ruka Press.  

Maloof will be presenting a guest lecture in the Sense & Sustainability series offered monthly at Brenau University.  This event, free and open to the public, is offered on Wednesday, October 9, 5-6 p.m. in Brenau’s Thurmond McRae Auditorium. For more information contact Professor and Director of Sustainability Rudi Kiefer, ude.uanerb@refeikr.

If you take a trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway this season to watch the leaves turn color, you’ll be treated to nice views.  But much of the wooded countryside consists of second-growth forest, following long periods of attempts to farm the land. In the Eastern U.S., reserves of old-growth forest have become small and are threatened by logging and development.  Some estimates indicate that our old-growth inventory has shrunk to 10% of what it was in the 1600’s. Old-growth forest is considered one of the most stable ecosystems around.  It consists of trees that have attained great age, and regenerates itself continuously.  Biodiversity is greater than in second-growth forests that have much smaller trees, and which lack the continuous cycle of growth and decay that’s found in ancient woods.