Brenau Well Represented at the Georgia Occupational Therapy Conference

[caption id=”attachment_2119″ align=”alignright” width=”300″]Photo of GOTA Outstanding Student of the Year Bryson May ” /> GOTA Outstanding Student of the Year Bryson May, center, with Mary Shotwell, right, and GOTA board member Diane Wolfe, left.[/caption]

Brenau’s School of Occupational Therapy was front and center presenting at this year’s Georgia Occupational Therapy Association conference themed Embracing Change held Sept. 20-22 in Savannah, Ga. Mary Shotwell, President of the Georgia Occupational Therapy Association and Brenau OT Department Chair, presided over the annual business meeting and made presentations entitled Development of a New Hippotherapy Assessment Tool and Driver Screening for the Clinical Generalist (presented with OTA professional Michele Luther-Krug).

Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy Tamara Mills presented on the topic of Providing Services for Students Attending the Georgia Virtual Academy. Professors Jennifer Allison, Robin Underwood and Mary Shotwell, along with Brenau alumnae Jenna Snyder and Stacey Simmons, presented the course Applying Sensory Strategies Across the Lifespan.

Associate Professor Irma Alvarado presented on the topic Use of the Electronic Auditory Stimulation Environment (EASE) for Children with Sensory Processing Problems and Professors Jenene Craig and Kimberly Willis presented on Ethics in Occupational Therapy. Professor Kay Graham presented on the topic of A Public Health Perspective on Fall Prevention Programs in Occupational Therapy and Wendy Holmes and Suzanne Pickering presented on The Stepping On Program for Fall Prevention. OT Doctoral Program Director Rosalie Miller coordinated Brenau sponsorship at the conference and participant meet and greet to discuss Brenau University’s new Occupational Therapy Doctorate. 

The conference was attended by many Brenau students, faculty, and alumnae. Two Brenau students received awards at the conference: Bryson May, Norcross Weekend Cohort entering Spring 2012, won the Outstanding Student of the Year in Georgia award and Kate McWilliams, of the same cohort, was the recipient of the Linda Stephens Scholarship, established to provide assistance to students matriculating and demonstrating a commitment to serving the profession of occupational therapy.