Childhood Development Center Turns 40

In August of 1973 Brenau College started the Infant Development Center with a grant from the Appalachia Development Act, part of Lyndon B. Johnson’s push to build the Great Society. It was originally opened as a research facility for the Psychology Department to research 22 children, aged three months to three years.

Within a few years of its founding the Infant Development Center was moved from under psychology to education. Under director Dr. Beth McCutcheons and assistant Ione Thompson the center grew, changed its name to the Child Development Center, increased class sizes and brought in more teachers. Despite its growth the CDC remains known for its small class sizes and one-on-one attention. In the words of Ms. Ione Thompson, “Our center is a teaching center, not a baby sitting service”.

The CDC celebrated a grand reopening 2011 after undergoing renovation.

The Brenau Child Development Center continues to function as a childhood learning facility serving the greater Hall County community and as a research center for Brenau students. All the CDC’s teachers are Education students and classes form Occupational Therapy and Psychology regularly visit to observe.

So the next time you drop your child off or take a class over to observe remember to wish Heather Lyons, Stephanie Clark and everyone else over at the Brenau Child Development Center a happy 40th CDC anniversary.