Kiefer elected to EarthShare Board of Directors

[caption id=”attachment_1826″ align=”alignleft” width=”216″]Photo of Rudi Kiefer Rudi Kiefer, Science professor and director of sustainability at Brenau, will serve on the Board of Directors of EarthShare[/caption]

Rudi Kiefer, Ph.D., science professor and director of 
sustainability at Brenau, was elected on 
May 31 to serve on the Board of Directors of EarthShare.  “The nomination came as a surprise,” Kiefer 
said.  “But meeting the other board 
members after the election, I was thrilled. 
The board includes community and business leaders, as well as environmental 
and legal professionals from Georgia.  It’s 
a great opportunity for networking and serving the cause of sustainability 
during the three-year term.” 

EarthShare of Georgia is a nonprofit that raises funds 
through employee giving for more than 60 environmental member organizations 
dedicated to conserving and protecting our air, land and water.  Its vision is “working for the day when our 
air, land and water are clean, abundant and healthy.”   More information about the group is found at

[caption id=”attachment_1825″ align=”alignright” width=”300″]Photo of Southface building. The Southface Building: rooftop employee break “room”, solar collectors, rooftop garden and rainwater collector.[/caption]

“The first EarthShare meeting I attended was at the 
Southface Building in Atlanta,” Kiefer said. 
“If I understand the affiliation correctly, Southface is the environmental 
associate of Home Depot.  They have an 
incredible setup in and around their building. 
A water garden outside, an additional rooftop garden, solar electric 
panels on top, waterless toilets – never heard of those before – smart air flow 
climatization, and more.  It was worth 
the trip to Atlanta just to get a tour of that building.”  Since the Bioscience Field Station in the 
back of the Brenau Campus already includes a garden project, Kiefer hopes to 
borrow some of the Southface ideas for collecting rainwater to make a water 
garden, and start a similar installation as a teaching model at Brenau.  The Field Station project, which started with 
a massive cleanup in the spring semester, is scheduled to continue this fall, jointly with Profs. Jessi Shrout and Teri Nye.