Temporary Health Care ID Information

New ID cards for Brenau employee’s health insurance are en route to employee’s home residences. Until they arrive, however, Consumers Life says you can verify your benefits using your social security number and the following information.


Effective date of coverage: June 1, 2013

Group Policy Number: 286264



SuperMed Network in GA, SC, OH & IN;

First Health in all other states

To verify member benefits and provider network status, contact Customer Service: 1-800-982-3116


Mail claims to:

Consumers Life Insurance Company

P.O. Box 94875, 

Cleveland, OH  44101-4875

Claims Payor ID: 29076


Contact Provider Services: 1-800-362-1279


Prescription Drugs:


Paid Group # MMODRUG

Bin/PDN# 610014

ph. 1-800-530-6707