Campus Offices on the Move!

Several campus offices will be changing physical locations over the upcoming weekend.  Beginning on Monday, May 13 you should expect to find people in their new locations.  Hopefully, most of their phone numbers will remain the same but if that changes we will let you know.  Please help us direct students and visitors appropriately until everyone settles into the new campus setup.

New physical addresses for campus offices are:

  • All Graduate and Undergraduate Admissions personnel (except for the Processing Group) will be housed in the Wheeler House at 500 Washington St. SE.
  • The Admissions Processing Group, headed by Redenna Poole, will be located in the current security building at  212 Prior St.
  • Aramark Housekeeping is moving to 620 Academy St.
  • Danielle Miller is now located at 305 Boulevard in an office with Michael McPeek and Nick Dentamaro. Her new phone number is 770-297-5956.
  • The Financial Aid and Registrar’s Offices will be housed in the Academy Building at 620 Academy St.
  • IPD personnel will begin occupying space in campus buildings on Brenau Ave. and as they settle in and expand we will keep everyone informed about their names/functions/locations.
  • Jewell Holtzclaw will move to an office in the Downtown Center (upstairs near the main desk) at 301 Main St SW.
  • Kimberly Willis will move to a new space adjacent to Roseanne Short in the office/lounge on the main floor of the Owens Student Center at 102 Prior St.
  • Mike Butler will move to the previous Academy Art Room at 620 Academy St.
  • Physical Assets & Logistics is moving to 301 Main St.
  • The Registrar will be located at 620 Academy St.
  • Security will be moved to the current offices for Jewell Holtzclaw (Physical Assets & Logistics) and Mike Butler (Aramark Housekeeping) at 520 Washington St.