Residential students depart, leaving treasures behind

[caption id=”attachment_1650″ align=”alignright” width=”220″]Dana Cole and Esther Sindler From left Dana Cole and Esther Sindler inspect donations from the residence halls.[/caption]

The residence halls have gone quiet, and hallways are 
looking empty. But while leaving for the 
summer, a great number of Women’s College students did a good deed in the 
process.  Collection boxes placed in collaboration between Brenau’s Sustainability 
Center and the Student Services Office filled up with women’s clothing, shoes, 
household articles and school supplies. 

“We’re thrilled that so many students participated in our ‘Don’t trash 
it – donate it!’ campaign,” said Dr. Rudi Kiefer, director of 
sustainability. “This is the first time 
we’ve done this experiment, and the response has been excellent. It seemed a logical connection, too, to give 
our Women’s College an avenue for helping an organization that’s largely 
focused on aiding women from the community.” 

The Gateway Domestic Violence Center, previously known as 
Gateway House, has been serving the area since the 1980’s. A significant part of its revenue is provided 
by sales through two thrift stores, which will receive the goods donated by 
Brenau students. 

“The thrift stores are 
an important part of our operation,” said director Jessica Butler. “Everything 
we have is donated from the community. We’re 
very pleased that the Brenau students have been so responsible and 
supportive.  Also, we encourage faculty 
and staff to donate items that are no longer wanted or needed but in sell able 

Just recently, the Gateway Domestic Violence Center 
generated friendly attention at the Brenau Sustainability Fair with the display 
and sale of items hand-made by its residents. 
Future events are likely to further strengthen collaborative efforts 
between the Sustainability effort and Gateway. 

“This is awesome!” said Dana Cole, president of Mu Sigma Chi, the science 
society at Brenau. “I’m proud that there 
has been such a positive response by our fellow Women’s College students.”

After a last look around the residence hall collection 
sites, all donations are scheduled to be delivered to the Park Hill store, with 
proceeds to benefit the women’s shelter.