Message from Scott Briell: IPD Reorganization ‘is not missing a beat’ on stepped-up recruiting

Scott A. Briell, senior vice president for enrollment management and student services and dean of admissions, issued the following open letter to faculty and staff Tuesday:

“On behalf of the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Services, I am excited to announce administrative changes to help insure a smooth transition to the university’s partnership with the Institute for Professional Development (IPD). These changes will take place within the next few weeks to assist us in preparing for the new Adult and Graduate Studies (AGS) students.  I wanted all of you to be aware of these important developments.

Christina Whiote
Christina White, a 14-year Brenau veteran who has been graduate admissions dean, now moves into a new role as IPD’s Brenau University program manager.

First, I want to congratulate Christina White on her appointment as contract manager to oversee all Brenau operations for IPD. I can think of no one better to build the partnership between IPD and Brenau than Christina. She has been a valuable member of the Brenau family for fourteen years and will continue in her new role to be a vital member of the Brenau family.  She will apply all of her talents and abilities to lead the IPD effort at Brenau, and we will all be better served because of her continuing involvement with the university.   

Because IPD will be responsible for recruiting and marketing for the majority of our adult and graduate programs, we have made the following administrative adjustments:

  • Graduate Admissions will be moved back to the Office of Admissions. Nathan Goss will serve as executive director of recruitment.  In addition to his current responsibilities, he will oversee personnel hired into two new admissions specialist positions. Redenna Pool, director of admissions operations, will oversee all application processing.  She will also supervise processing personnel moved from graduate admissions.
  • After an internal job search, Jamie Cushway and Leah Albert have accepted positions as the new admissions specialists.
  • Allen Phillips will continue as an application processor. We will begin a search for an additional application processor in the next month.
  • T.J. Johnston has been promoted to financial aid counselor and will focus on AGS students. T.J. will continue to work under Pam Barrett’s supervision.  A search is currently underway to hire a new office manager/records coordinator for financial aid.

If you are interested in any of the positions that will be created by the IPD involvement, I encourage you to learn more about them and apply if you feel your qualifications mesh.  IPD’s job listing can be found online at and  Brenau’s is available by clicking

Christina’s “last day” with Brenau is April 30. But do not reserve Lockett-Mitchell Parlour for a going-away party because Christina will not be going anywhere. She and people in other positions covered in the IPD agreement will work seamlessly on campus as members of the Brenau staff. We expect to have this transition for graduate admissions completed by May 15. Meanwhile, we are not missing a beat to recruit students, seat classes for the summer and fall terms while acting quickly to fill positions to step up our mission-critical recruiting efforts.

Nathan will contact the dean of each college to set-up meetings to discuss reorganization and address any questions or concerns.  I feel confident that the distribution of responsibilities that the staff has developed will be efficient and effective.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns. I will happily meet with anyone who wishes to discuss this matter in more detail.”