GTA recreates the Globe Theatre in “original practice” production of Twelfth Night

Beginning April 9, audiences will be transported from Georgia to 17th century England during a revolution of language, medicine, art and invention. The Gainesville Theatre Alliance has been working to recreate Shakespeare’s legendary Globe Theatre in their performance and space at the Ed Cabell Theatre for their upcoming production of Shakespeare’s raucous comedy Twelfth Night.

In this production, nearly all aspects of the show are standard Elizabethan “original practice.”

Director andUNG Associate Professor Elisa Carlson
Director andUNG Associate Professor Elisa Carlson

“Basically, original practice means that we have recreated a Globe Theatre stage setting and are using costumes, makeup and weaponry from the period, with minimal lighting and original music from the period played live on stage,” Director and UNG Associate Professor Elisa Carlson explained. “In terms of performance style, the actors will often interact directly with the audience in the way we believe they did during the Elizabethan period.”

Carlson’s goal is to make the audience feel as though they are attending a Globe production in 1600. She will give a special talk on “original practice” at 6:30 p.m. before the April 12th performance.

“As an added touch, there will be costumed actors performing speeches from other Shakespearean plays in the lobby and in the aisles of the theatre before the show and at intermission, to give our audiences a sense of being immersed in Elizabethan times. Some of those actors will also stand in our voms and act as “groundlings” (audience members from the lower classes who stood for Globe performances).”

The technical elements of the play will be minimal. Rather than intricate light shows and visual effects, Twelfth Night will feature lighting similar to that of the sunlight and candles used to light the original productions of Shakespeare’s play in the Globe Theatre. The sound that audiences will hear is going to come live from students playing various instruments on stage. There will be a flute, guitar, ukulele and other instruments to underscore certain scenes and songs.

Arts and literature enthusiasts of north Georgia are invited for the time traveling adventure of Twelfth Night, 7:30pm, April 9-20, at UNG-Gainesville’s Ed Cabell Theatre, 3820 Mundy Mill Road in Oakwood. There is also a discounted, general admission Preview performance on April 8 at 7:30 p.m.

While Preview tickets are just $8, regular performance tickets are $10-18, depending on seat location and age, with discounts for seniors (65 and up) and UNG and Brenau University faculty, staff and students.
To receive University discounts you must call the box office directly at 678-717-3624. More information is available at