AKA Takes Early Lead in Bioscience Field Station Project

[caption id=”attachment_1511″ align=”alignright” width=”300″]Members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority clean up Members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha clean up Brenau’s bamboo forest and surrounding area Saturday, March 30.[/caption]

More than 20 members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority could be seen snipping away at weeds, raking up debris and hauling trash out of the Bamboo Forest last Saturday. The project is part of preparations to establish the Bioscience Field Station in the back of the campus, which saw its beginnings with construction of a greenhouse. Funding from the Discovery Incubator provided the tools for removing invasive plants. Veronica Banks, newly elected vice president of the SGA, also partipicated in the effort and documented some of the work on camera. The AKA members were scheduled into the project at short notice when an opportunity presented itself in the schedule.

“We’re proud to be part of this project,” said Amber Durden, president of the local AKA Chapter. “We feel that in order to be a full part of the campus community, students need to make the campus their own. The Bamboo Forest and the Bio Field Station will provide research and learning opportunities for students and faculty for many years to come. “

The various phases of establishing the field station, which include building raised plant beds and restocking the area with native tree species, are coordinated by professors Jessi Shrout and Rudi Kiefer of the Department of Math and Sciences.

“This is a joint effort that benefits the sciences as well as sustainability activities,” Kiefer said. “We particularly appreciate the can-do attitude of student groups like Alpha Kappa Alpha and the ones that are scheduled to continue the work. It’s a true reflection of the Brenau Ideal – ‘To find joy in doing, rather than in dreaming.'”

Scheduled for this week are more groups to work on the project. Brenau’s Servant Leaders will be working at the site on Thursday. Saturday, April 6, has the biology majors and additional sustainability-minded students coming to continue the Bioscience Field Station project.