Tribute to Pioneers: ‘Restless Fires’ author presents talk March 27

[caption id=”attachment_1480″ align=”alignright” width=”300″]With slavery abolished, Muir saw the beginnings of a struggle for equal rights. With slavery abolished, Muir saw the beginnings of a struggle for equal rights.[/caption]

John Muir and John Jacobs Jr., though living a century apart, had a great deal in common. They shared a spirit of discovery and innovation that touched lives wherever they went.  Even though Gainesville was, in Muir’s days, a “comfortable townlet”, Jacobs must have been pleased to find, if he studied Muir’s diaries, that it was also “finely shaded and ornamented.”

Brenau’s upcoming Sense & Sustainability series presentation, March 27 from 5-6 p.m. in Thurmond McRae Auditorium, is a tribute to both these pioneers.  The main presentation is given by James Hunt, Ph.D., whose 2012 book Restless Fires details a young John Muir’s 1,000-mile walk to the Gulf in the years immediately following the Civil War.

Hunt’s work brings Muir’s rich collection of notes and sketches back to life. The content, which he assembled with valuable background information, ranges from detailed descriptions of flora and fauna to observations of people, their customs and the good as well as the bad aspects of human interaction.  The reproductions of pencil drawings taken along the journey, along with original notes, are a treasury of discovery.

Copies of Restless Fires will be available for purchase and signing by the author. Anyone interested in American history and its natural environment should attend this presentation and get the book to explore 19th century America.

For more information email Brenau University Director of Sustainability Dr. Rudi Kiefer at ude.uanerb@refeikr.