Panel Discussion Thursday on Female Beauty: Power or Weakness?

Female Beauty: Power or Weakness?
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Dr. Outtara and Phi Alpha Theta history honor society present a panel discussion as part of Women’s History Month 2013. The event will take place Thursday, March 21, from 4-5 p.m. in The SUB.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin declined to be introduced to audiences as beauty and fashion icons. Is beauty power, or is it a weakness for women? Join panelists Dr. Andrea Birch, Professor of Philosophy; Dr. Kathryn Locey, Professor of English; Dr. Letricia Scriven, Associate Professor of Mathematics and chair of Mathematics and Science Department as well as students from China and Afghanistan. Moderators: Dr. Ouattara and Phi Alpha Theta.
All are welcome and refreshments will be served.