Keep Up the Pressure: Restore Funding for Tuition Assistance

Next week in its budget-writing process the Georgia State Senate will consider a House-passed version of the appropriations bill that would impose a 28.5 percent cut in tuition assistance to Brenau students who are Georgia residents. Brenau students, faculty, staff, alumni and others interested in the supporting Brenau students need to contact their elected representatives today urging them to restore the $6 million in funding for the Tuition Equalization Grant program that the House of Representatives stripped from the budget. The  legislature is expected to finish its session March 28th.

The Georgia Independent Colleges Association, of which Brenau is a member, set up a Web portal to assist in this process.

Faculty, staff, alumni and other non-students should use this link

Students should use this link

Please share this information with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to urge them to contact their legislators as well.

Not only does the TEG program benefit Brenau and its students, it also saves state taxpayers money when it encourages Georgia resident’s to enroll in any of the state’s not-for-profit private colleges and universities.