Support Maintaining Tuition Equalization Grants Today

Since the Georgia state government appropriates funding for state-supported colleges and universities beyond tuition payments by students to the tune of several thousand dollars per student per year, the legislature some years ago acknowledged the disparity for students from tax-paying Georgia families who decide to attend private colleges, like Brenau. It created the Tuition Equalization Grant program, and each year funds the program based on available resources and funding priorities in the General Assembly’s budget process. The current level is $700 and the original budget introduced in the General Assembly contained provisions for maintaining that funding level.

However, the state House of Representatives unexpectedly proposed a substantial cut in the Georgia TEG program. The Georgia Independent Colleges Association, of which Brenau is a member, urges us to contact our respective legislators, both representatives and senators, to urge them to vote to maintain the current level of TEG funding in the state budget.

GFIC created an online portal system to help students, faculty and staff easily contact their elected officials. Students should visit and faculty, staff and trustees should visit The portal will use your home address and zip code to determine the names of your state senator and state representative. There is a space for composing your own message and you can review it before it is sent. You can use the system to contact legislators who represent both the districts where you live and work or go to school.

You need to act today! The General Assembly session is coming to a close, and things happen quickly at this stage.