GRAND! Brenau Window Picks Up Top Award in CASE III Publications Improvement Category

Christie Gregory on lawn
Christie Gregory, design director in the Office of Communications & Publications, brought professional creative strength to the table that led to the Grand Award for Brenau Window and eight other awards from CASE and the University and College Designers Association for excellence in Brenau publications and print media.
Given that it is award season and everybody is already preoccupied over whether Affleck or Spielberg will win, we are pleased and proud to announce that Brenau Window magazine picked up a Grand Award in Atlanta Feb. 19 at the Council for Advancement and Support for Education regional meeting.

The magazine, which with other Brenau publications and print media, has won eight other CASE awards in the past five years, garnered the university’s first “Grand CASEy” for its Fall 2012 issue. That was in the category of publishing improvement because it was the first time that paired up the print edition with the new online edition.  

OK, nobody really calls them “CASEys,”  although that is kinda cool. For us, the Grand Award is like an Oscar!

David Morrison headshot
David Morrison serves as editor of Brenau Window.
The names on the award are members of the staff of the Office of Communications & Publications: David Morrison, vice president and editor of the magazine; Christie Gregory, design director and creative editor for the magazine; and Michael McPeek, director of Web Publishing, who engineered the online edition based on Gregory’s design schemes. CASE officials notified Brenau about a month ago that two of its entries had been picked for awards in two categories, but we did not know until the awards banquet which of the three levels we had won.

Michael McPeek sealed the deal by handling the technical creation of the online magazine.
Michael McPeek sealed the deal by handling the technical creation of the online magazine.
Window also received up a second award, a third-place Merit Award, in the feature writing category, for an article in that same fall edition by Brenau alumna Candice Dyer, a frequent contributor. The moving article, entitled “A year…if  you’re lucky,” is about another alumna who turned her personal tragedy of losing a child into a triumph of helping other nurses deal with families, patients and themselves through personal tragedies of death and dying.

You can read all about it in the news release at this link. 

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