Anatomical Theatre Opening Reception Thursday

Anatomical TheatreFebruary 21 • 5:30 – 7 p.m., John S. Burd Center for Performing Arts, Castelli Gallery

At 6 p. m. Jack Nemecek, Ph.D., M.B.A. and public health advisor for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will discuss how advancements in medicine have changed the way diseases are diagnosed and prevented. 

This photography exhibition features works of the human body, disease, and death found in medical museums from across the United States and Europe. The exhibition’s creator, historian Joanna Ebenstein, states that the photos “function as cultural/historical artifacts…they reveal the artistic hand and aesthetic sense of their creators with a surprising and sometimes macabre beauty.” This exhibit is sure to interest those interested in art, medicine, or health as they demonstrate the educational and artistic potential of scientific endeavors.