The Truth Behind President Schrader’s Rotary Award: the Untold Story

One thing you can verify with certainty on the resume of former Brenau Trustee Abit Massey is that he is a tad detail oriented. After dotting i’s and crossing t’s for several weeks to arrange for and present Brenau President Ed Schrader with the north Georgia Rotary International district award for vocational excellence, Massey arrived at the Chattahoochee Country Club to get everything in order for the presentation at the Gainesville Rotary Club’s annual  awards dinner.

“Fortunately, I looked on the stage in advance to locate the plaque to present; all others were there, but no vocational excellence award,” Massey confessed. “No one I could find knew anything about it.” But Massey has not survived for decades as a top lobbyist and political operative at the Georgia Capitol without one other verifiable word on his resume: resourceful. With the help of club staff, he turned up “an old golf trophy, and that’s what I gave Ed. We’ll find the official plaque and get it to him as soon as possible.”

Abit Massey, Ed Schraqder and Tony Herdener Feb 2013
From left, the “resourceful” poultry industry leader Abit Massey, Brenau President Ed Schrader and Gainesville Rotary Club President-elect Tony Herdener of Northeast Georgia Regional Health Systems at Schrader’s induction as a Lee Arrendale award recipient. But don’t look to closely at the inscription on the trophy.
That did not change Massey’s overall sentiments that prompted Massey to nominate Schrader in the first place. Schrader, Massey said, has been a key figure in the evolution of the vocational landscape of the area because of his “practical and visionary growth strategy” for Brenau. Schrader not only emphasizes growth of Brenau operations at home but also around the world. Massey cited specifically Schrader’s leveraging previous relationships to establish formal partnerships with three major higher education institutions in China, including the largest women’s university in the country. Typical of the vision at home, Massey said, has been Schrader’s actions that led to the university’s acquiring a long-term lease for the Georgia Mountains Center as the home for a physical therapy doctoral program and other health professions preparation

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