‘Dare Stones’ Authenticity Theories Rock On

‘History Unearthed’ host Scott Wolter points out to Brenau Vice President for Communications & Publications David Morrison some of the features he believes points to the stones’ authenticity after he literally put them under a microscope in an impromptu forensic geology lab on the Brenau campus.

In last week’s episode of the new H2 history channel series, “America Unearthed,” forensic geologist Scott Wolter mades a compelling case that Brenau University’s unique collection of “The Dare Stones” not only contains some valuable historical artifacts but also helps confirm his theory of what happened to the 119 residents of the lost Colony of Roanoke, who vanished from coastal North Carolina in about 1587. The program marks the second nationally television appearance in the last year of the infamous Brenau artifacts.

Wolter and his team spent time with the stones on the Gainesville campus last summer and featured them prominently throughout the 43-minute segment, which you can find with this link. Although Brenau’s resident Dare Stones expert Jim Southerland has over the years grown more and more convinced that their historic value has been more to validate one of the most inventive scams of the Great Depression, Wolter had even Southerland raising his scholarly eyebrows a bit. But we don’t want to spoil it for you.

 Meanwhile, if you missed the earlier segment of Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Museum,” you can see that by clicking this link.