History Channel's ‘America Unearthed’ segment features Jim Southerland and Dare Stones

JIm Southerland with Dare Stones
Brenau history professor Jim Southerland, center left, sits with “America Unearthed” host Scott Wolter as they examine a Dare Stone at the Northeast Georgia History Center last July.

A segment of  “America Unearthed,” featuring Brenau history professor Jim Southerland and the Dare Stones at the Northeast Georgia History Center is airing Feb. 1 on H2, which is affiliated with the History Channel, at 10 p.m.

H2 is available at channel 195 with Charter Cable and 116 with Comcast. The 60 minute program features host Scott Wolter using forensic geology to uncover “untold stories in American history.”

The stones are a link to the lost colony of Roanoke which was settled before Jamestown in the late 1500’s. The colony of 119 settlers mysteriously vanished and the Dare Stones are a possible link to the lost community.