Electronic W2 Reminder, Expect Email Jan. 29

This year W2s will be delivered electronically. On January 29th you will receive an email sent to your Brenau email address from MyPDFTaxForms.com.

This is not spam.

Please do not attempt to log in until you receive this email. Upon clicking the “I accept to receive my tax document electronically” link in the email your activation code will automatically populate in the correct field of the online form. Please follow the small print at the bottom of the MyPDFTaxForm email to receive a paper copy of your W2. When prompted for a taxpayer ID, please enter your Social Security number. You will be asked to create a log in, password, and security question. Once completed, you will have access to your W2 electronically for a minimum of three years.

Please contact Holly Reynolds at 770-531-3134 or ude.uanerb@sdlonyerh with any problems with your log on.