Brenau RAs attend seminar to learn new practices from colleagues state-wide

Mycharia Spurling
Mycharia Spurling, director of the Student Activities Board at Brenau, is one of four seniors giving a presentation at this year’s Georgia Resident Assistant Saturday Seminar at Emory University.

This Saturday, Jan. 19, 15 Brenau resident assistants and the director of residence life will attend a conference at Emory University to present their program Bucket List, Like Taking Candy From a Baby.

The Georgia Resident Assistant Saturday Seminar, or GRASS, exists to provide college and university housing officers an opportunity for personal and professional growth through annual conferences as well as facilitate an exchange of ideas with professional colleagues. This year’s symposium theme Growing GRASS: Developing Ourselves and Our Communities, gives an opportunity to 900 resident assistants spanning 36 different schools, from across the state, to develop greater self-awareness and benefit the students with whom they serve.

Brenau seniors Brianna Steele, Daniella Patterson, Mycharia Spurling and Shantel Francis will  facilitate the presentation which is based off of The New York Times bestseller How Full is Your Bucket? Positive Strategies for Work & Life.  Through activities and group discussions, developed in collaboration with Brenau University Counselor Melissa Papillo, the RAs will demonstrate the parallel between the stress of the their positions and the impact stressors can have on individual RAs as well as community development.

Through the presentation, the Brenau staff hopes to help other resident assistants realize how becoming “out of balance” and operating with an “empty bucket” can negatively impact their relationships with the students in their hall, the community atmosphere, their personal health/well-being and the general outlook on their college experience.

This is an exciting opportunity for Brenau RAs to learn from their colleagues, discuss best practices in a residence life environment and to bring back new ideas to the campus.