Weather Watch Alerts, Make Sure You Get Them!

Snowy/Icy WeatherWeather reports indicate that some Brenau campuses could see snow late Thursday or early Friday and that possible freezing temperatures and icing could cause Brenau administrators to make some decisions of closing campus offices or delaying scheduled openings.

Since that may not happen until the middle of the night, how do you find out about it?

The best way is to make sure that your account on the e2Campus Alert system is active and up to date – set to communicate with you in the middle of the night, if necessary. The system will automatically send you a message to your home or mobile phone, a text message, an e-mail to your private e-mail account or all of the above. All of the contact information that you list on your account stays confidential and will only be used by the automated system in the event or an emergency.

How do you sign up? If you’re not already receiving alerts, it means you either don’t have an account or your account has expired. Setting up an account is easy and does not cost anything, but this is an “Opt In” system, which means you have to set up an account. Visit the signup page at

As you set up an account, you will probably notice an expiration date – usually not that far in advance. For example, if you set up an account today, the automatic expiration date is in May 2013. But you can change the date and set it years ahead, if you like. If your alert date has expired, you still may be able to log into your existing account and reset the date.

So, sign up or update your account today. If you have a problem, call or e-mail the computer Help Desk.