A Farewell to Dr. Bauck

Dr. Louise Bauck opened the doors to the Lockett-Mitchell Parlour Thursday evening expecting to sit down for her exit interview. Most exit interviews don’t come complete with a cake topped by a whale shark, beluga whale, African penguin and a river otter.

Instead of an exit interview, Bauck found faculty, students and friends gathered together in the parlor to wish her a fond farewell. She is leaving the university at the semester’s end and moving to Lincoln, Neb., with her husband, Stewart, who’s work as a research veterinarian prompted the move. 

Bauck said her time spent at the university has been invaluable and she is sad to leave the faculty, staff and students behind. “Brenau has truly been and inspiration to me,” she said. 

On Saturday she and her husband, along with a snake and three birds, will get into their Smart car and ride off into the sunset towards Lincoln. 

Good Luck and you will be missed.