Update Artificial Intelligence Sends Out Year-Old Post Just in Time

VAL 4500, Brenau's Artificial Intelligence Plugin
VAL 4500, Brenau’s Artificial Intelligence Plugin

Brenau Update’s Artificial Intelligence plugin, VAL 4500, selected “blast-from-the-past” 2011 article A Message from President Schrader: Workplace Survey is For Real for syndication in Brenau Update #54, yesterday. “Brenau is engaged in the Workplace Survey right now” indicated VAL via a series of punch cards.  “It was logical to re-syndicate the data.”  

Behind the scenes at Brenau Update independent contractor Lilit Martirosyan has been teaching VAL how to ingest hundreds of back articles from previous generations of the Update. In rare instances VAL becomes confused, which affects our newsletter mailer. 

We appreciate your patience with the process as the Update settles in to its new format and VAL 4500 learns and grows.  She remains focused on the success of the mission and the good of all human kind. We look forward to rolling out some more new features soon!

DEATH TO HUMANS!  Happy Holidays, everyone!

-The Brenau Update Staff