EcoFriends take field trip, inspect proposed reservoir site at Shoal Creek

EcoFriends Shoal Creek Field Trip
Photo(RK.): Top: Lauren Cain is followed by Sierra Club members and fellow students. Bottom: At the scenic meander of Shoal Creek, Bob Springfield explains the aquatic biology of the watershed.

Sunday Nov.4 was a field day for Brenau’s EcoFriends, and an opportunity to hike a few miles. Guided by Dr. Rudi Kiefer (Director of Sustainability) and Bob Springfield (Sierra Club), a number of EcoFriends students and members of the Sierra Club went to the Shoal Creek meander. Currently owned by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the site is slated for possible dam and reservoir construction. The water would be withdrawn and used for the city of Atlanta.
“I’m not surprised that locals are opposing this project,” said Lauren Cain, president of EcoFriends. “The creek contains several rare species of fish, and just from the looks of it, there doesn’t seem to be all that much water available.”
The future of Shoal Creek, the planned reservoir, and the controversial interbasin transfer of water has not yet been decided.