“Balancing Act” Two-Night Event for Nonresidential Students

The Balancing Act, BASA Program for Returning Adults

It can be difficult trying to balance family, work, life and school, as any of our returning adult students can tell you. That’s why the Brenau Adult Student Association is hosting a program for all students with adult responsibilities; to help strike the right work-life-school balance.

This two night, information-fair style event is designed as an opportunity for students to receive information, ask questions, get  goodies, win prizes and of course caffeine and something sweet to get them through the evening.

The events will be held in the Brenau Trustee’s library from 5-6 p.m. on the evenings of Wednesday Nov. 7th and Thursday the 8th.  If you’d like to participate or contribute goodies, give-aways, or even cash please contact Rosanne Short at ude.uanerb@trohsr.