Tech Update: Instructional Design Services For Faculty

Do you need assistance in creating better course objectives? Do you want to know how you can use Canvas to create more effective courses? IT is here to help! Brenau’s Instructional Designer Dr. Devshikha Bose is holding one-on-one sessions with faculty to discuss just these subjects.  This week’s focus is on the creation of enhanced course objectives, however she can assist with questions related to such topics as:

  • Transferring current courses from Blackboard into Canvas
  • Development of enhanced assessments – quizzes, assignments, projects etc.
  • Alignment of course components to declared course objectives
  • Evaluation of whether objectives match with assessment instruments
  • Quality rubric development
  • Making assignment expectations clear to students
  • Delineating the sequence of instruction (from easy to difficult content)
  • Measuring student satisfaction with course materials and delivery
  • Making course materials more engaging through use of available technology
  • Enhancing the quality of online collaborative learning
  • Effective conversion of traditional face-to-face courses into an online format

Please contact the university Instructional Designer to schedule a one-on-one discussion. Send an email to Dr. Devshikha Bose at: ude.uanerb@ksedpleh