Brenau University 10th Annual Mock Mediation Invitational Tournament Oct. 5-6

This Friday and Saturday at Brenau University,teams from Gainesville State College, Georgia State University, Middle Tennessee State University, UNC, Charlotte, Western Carolina University, Clayton State University, and Brenau University will participate in 10th Annual Mock Mediation Invitational Tournementthe 10th Annual Mock Mediation Invitational Tournament held at the Gainesville Campus. Associate Professor at Kennesaw State University and Editor-in-Chief of Conflict Resolution Quarterly Susan Raines will train students and coaches on mediation techniques and advocacy in mediation. Brenau judges include Andrea Birch, Debra Dobkins, Nicole Woolfork, and Kimberly Willis.

Stay tuned for the the Twelfth Annual National Intercollegiate Mediation Tournament coming next month to Brenau University. Teams from colleges and universities across the U.S. will compete in a three round tournament with top teams competing in a championship round. The championship round will be judged by Chief Justice Carol Hunstein of the Georgia Supreme Court, Justice J.D. Smith of the Georgia Court of Appeals and noted mediation authors Richard Calkins and Fred Lane. The eight teams making the finals will be invited to attend the International Law School Mediation Tournament being held in London or Dubai, March 2013. For more info call 770.534.6297 or email ude.uanerb@knarfk/.