ALERT: E-mail phishing poses as Brenau job recruitment

ALERT: E-mail phishing poses as Brenau job recruitment
Accra, Ghana: The new site of Brenau’s Augusta campus.

No, Donny Moore has not been promoted to run our new Augusta campus in Ghana. And, while we´re on the subject, there is no new campus in Ghana.

However, during the last week Brenau employees and others have received e-mails suggesting they´d been selected for jobs at Brenau. These are “phishing” trips by a nefarious Internet pirate attempting to net personal information, according to Chip Andrews, the university´s Associate Vice President of Information Technology. Don´t respond, open attachments, or click on Web links in these messages. Just delete them.

Brenau doesn´t do recruiting this way, says Kelley Maddox, the human resources director, who has received a couple of dozen forwarded fake e-mails and queries from faculty and staff related to the e-mails. The ONLY way anyone can apply for a job at Brenau is through our website at (click “jobs”).

Andrews will take what steps he can to ensure the phishing expedition does not become a problem. Unfortunately, there´s little that can be done from our end.

However, it you have any questions or concerns about this, or any other suspicious e-mails that you receive, contact IT immediately at ude.uanerb@ksedpleh.

And, if you know anyone who is interested in employment at Brenau, direct them to the real jobs Web link at (click “jobs”).

Friday, September 07, 2012