Dr. Bose: Faculty resource for Blackboard and Canvas

Dr. Bose: Faculty resource for Blackboard and Canvas
Dr. Devshikha Bose, Instructional Designer

The IT Department at Brenau University is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Devshikha Bose as an Instructional Designer for Brenau University. Dr. Bose received her Ph.D. in Instructional Design from Idaho State University. She also has graduate degrees in English and Secondary Education. Currently, Dr. Bose is working in a half-time capacity; she will provide instructional design consultancy services to Brenau faculty by appointment. Faculty requiring assistance on restructuring and enhancing their course quality using Blackboard and/or Canvas, may consult with Dr. Bose.

Areas of consultation may include assistance with:

·    Advice and best-practices for transferring current courses from Blackboard into Canvas
·    Creation of well-defined course objectives
·    Development of enhanced assessments – quizzes, assignments, projects etc.
·    Alignment of course components to declared course objectives
·    Evaluation of whether objectives match with assessment instruments
·    Quality rubric development
·    Making assignment expectations clear to students
·    Delineating the sequence of instruction (from easy to difficult content)
·    Measuring student satisfaction with course materials and delivery
·    Making course materials more engaging through use of available technology
·    Enhancing the quality of online collaborative learning
·    Effective conversion of traditional face-to-face courses into an online format

Dr. Bose is available for in-person consultation at the Gainesville campus. Faculty located at other campuses will be assisted using online video-conferencing tools (for now) and/or site visits for group assistance at a later date (to be announced).

To reach Dr. Bose, please contact the Brenau University Helpdesk to schedule an appointment: ude.uanerb@ksedpleh

Wednesday, September 05, 2012