New Easy-to-Read Web Addresses for Brenau University Webpage

Recent visitors to the Brenau University website may have noticed some changes in their browser”s address bar. Director of Multimedia Publishing Michael McPeek is in the process of migrating the URL structure from ID based web addresses to page name and post name based URLs. The page:

now appears as:

“We”re excited about the new, easy-to-read URLs! This will help make the site more user friendly and intuitive” McPeek said. Some of the other benefits of the new system include more flexible custom URL naming and less reliance on redirects.

The transition to the new URL naming convention may create temporary page loading issues during the migration. McPeek asks that you please check any pages you administer and contact him via email (ude.uanerb@keepcmm) with any problems you encounter. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012