Mile-STONES anniversary

Mile-STONES anniversary
Dr. Jim Southerland, white shirt, makes yet another national television appearance discussing Brenau’s collection of the “Dare Stones” with geologist Scott Wolter, who put the Brenau artifacts under his microscope. We’d tell you what he discovered, but we don’t want to spoil the ending.

So, if you are looking for an explanation as to why the lobby of the history center building on the Gainesville campus looked like a Hollywood movie production Monday, July 23, it all has to do with something that happened 425 years ago on July 22. Something that, for good or ill, involves Brenau.

That´s the date the first explorers set foot on the North Carolina coast to establish the Roanoke colony. You´ll recall from your elementary school American history that the colony would come to be known as “the lost colony” because some time shortly after its founding all its inhabitants disappeared without a trace. Brenau got involved because in the 1930s it acquired a collection of pretty hefty rocks, all covered with crude chiseling, that purportedly fill in the details that solve the mystery of the disappeared colony. Although there is considerable debate over whether any or all of the “Dare Stones” are legit, the Brenau collection remains a great curiosity. The filmmakers on campus were making part of a weekly episode of a new program on the History Channel, scheduled to start in December, that focuses on the Roanoke Colony and the Dare Stones.

Stay tuned for more details on air time and date, tentatively scheduled for February 2013.

As for the timing of the anniversary of the founding of the colony and the filming at Brenau?

Pure coincidence.

Monday, July 23, 2012