Important update regarding the Brenau Web Page –

Important update regarding the Brenau Web Page -
The official Brenau web site: same address (, new upgraded service.

Yesterday we completed the year-long transition to a new internet services provider for the web page. This has always been the official web address for the Brenau web site, and nothing has changed in that regard. The only thing that you should notice is that the web pages should perform a bit faster than in the past.

However, a number of you apparently had automated some features on your browsers in the past that picked up on some behind-the-scenes addresses for developmental pages and/or transitional pages. For example, your browser may have taken you to a page that had an address like or even thought you might have initially typed in the web address. Then you could have let your browser select that transitional page as the one to open when you selected as your home page when you open your browser. Since those pages no longer exist, you get an error message.

There is nothing wrong. Just type in and reset your default page. If you haven”t cleared your disk cache in several days, you should do that also.

Meanwhile, you should not use any other web address for navigation to in publications, e-mail, correspondence, etc.

This message has no bearing on any INTRAnet navigation – those pages whose addresses look like this:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012