Deere John letter

Deere John letterSo we are perhaps wondering whether one of you out there may have opened an interoffice mail envelope only to see that it contained a triangular piece of plastic in a color that for want of a better description we call “John Deere green.” If so, could you please forward said piece to Dr. Rudi Kiefer at Walters house on the Gainesville campus. Let´s just say he needs it for a scientific experiment. You may contact him at ude.uanerb@refeikr.

“But why did I receive it in interoffice mail?” you may ask. That will have to remain a mystery. But let´s just pose a hypothetical theory. Say Dr. Kiefer has a beaten up old tractor to play with. And say the person who gave it to him later found a piece that had broken off. And say he or she put that piece in an interoffice mail pouch fully intending to hand it to dr. Kiefer, so did not bother to address the envelop to Dr. Kiefer. However, instead of delivering it, the person slid it under Dr. Kiefer´s closed door. And, being an honorable fellow, since his name was not on the envelop, Dr. Kiefer put it back into interoffice mail headed for the last person whose name was on the envelope.

We´re not saying it did or didn´t happen that way, but if you have the missing piece, you can solve a great puzzle.
Sunday, May 27, 2012