Registration Thursday for New BULLI ‘Campus’ in Braselton

The “Braselton campus” of BULLI officially opens for business at 6:30 p.m. Thursday when the new branch operation of the university┬┤s celebrate not-for-credit adult learning experience registers its first students to start in the upcoming summer term. The registration will be in the Braselton Community Room below the Police Department and Judicial Building.

If you know somebody who might enjoy the BULLI program in the area, send them over. If you are unable to attend the Braselton Campus registration meeting, you may contact Braselton Town Manager Jennifer Dees at 706-654-3033 or the BULLI office at 770-538-4705. Official registration lasts through Wednesday, May 23. Those registering after Wednesday will only be able to register for those classes not closed out.

The Braselton program is unique – a joint venture between the university and the Braselton city government. Although a number of residents in the area have participated in the 19-year-old program on the Gainesville campus, which is solely operated by the university, the Braselton city officials wanted to expand local programs aimed at older adults in the community.

Although registration for BULLI summer courses in Gainesville is technically closed, you can check with the BULLI offices to learn is any space is available in the scheduled classes.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012