City Testing Sewer Lines

The week of May 14-18, the City if Gainesville Public Utilities will be smoke testing the sewer lines on the Gainesville Campus. This involves opening and entering manholes in the streets and easements. The smoke testing is used to detect broken or damaged lines. The smoke that you may see coming from vent stacks on roofs,
holes in the ground or entering your building is non-toxic, harmless, odorless, and creates no fire hazard. The smoke may enter into buildings on campus, don’t be alarmed. It is possible that the smoke could cause a fire alarm to activate. Because we can’t be sure that the fire alarm is activated by the City performing these test, it is imperative that you exit the building until Security, Facilities and Logistics or the Gainesville Fire Department clear the building for re-entry. If smoke appears in your building, please notify Mike Hollimon, at ude.uanerb@nomillohm, as it may indicate a problem.  

Tuesday, May 08, 2012