Library announces book sale, solicits donations

Library announces book sale, solicits donations
Contact Lisa Echols (L) for more information about the book sale and the requested donations. Shown here with Marlene Giguere, Dean of the Library.

Trustee Library on the Gainesville campus will conduct a book sale Feb. 20-22, from 2-7 p.m. each day. There will be a large selection of bestsellers as well as nonfiction items and collections of older reference books, $2 for hardcovers and $1 for paperbacks. But for those who want first crack at the best titles in fiction and non-fiction, there will be a preview party from 12-2 p.m. on Feb. 22. For a $2 admission, you´ll get the pick of the litter as well as some refreshments.

Although the library will be winnowing its collection as it migrates more titles to electronic formats, it is also soliciting donations for the sale (yes, they´re tax deductible). Just about anything is fair game for the donation – if you were once interested enough in the book to acquire it, chances are somebody else will be, too.

The sale will benefit some good causes. First, cash proceeds will help pay for some “re-beautification” efforts in the library required following the leaky roof that´s plagued the building for the past few months and that are now being repaired. Left-over books will be donated to Books for Africa, an organization that collects, sorts and distributes books to African communities.

For more information, call Lisa M. Echols at 770-538-4723 or email at ude.uanerb@nagroml.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012