“Forty and Fabulous!” – Scriven celebrates landmark birthday

Scriven and Evans share a science moment (top). Scriven and well-wishers Amanda Lammers (l) and Valerie Simmons-Walston (r).

If you missed Dr. Latricia Scriven´s birthday celebration on Tuesday, you didn´t just miss the trademark Brenau brownies, punch, vegetable platters and other delicacies. It was an event of very positive vibes. None of the “OMG I´m getting old” that one sees at some Big-4 birthday parties.

“It doesn´t matter at all,” said science professor Art Evans, who is rumored to be past that mark himself. “As long as you stay mentally and physically engaged, you´re young. ” Kimberly Dean, of the Dean´s Office, confirmed that view. “I´ve never seen somebody so full of life and so vibrant as Latricia.”

Dr. Scriven herself is a shining example for youthful attitude and confident outlook. “It came so quickly, and I still feel like I´m in my 20´s”, she said. “But you know what, being ´forty & fabulous´ is a time of transformation, of excitement. You´re more confident, more aware of life around you, and you look forward to seeing what this life brings in the decades to come.”

Quite obviously, the consensus at the event was that age doesn´t matter as long as you consider yourself young, and those around you do so as well. “Of course, it doesn´t work 100% of the time,” said Scriven. “This morning my 9-year old asked if I ever had a dinosaur as a pet when I was little.”

Tuesday, January 31, 2012