New look for

New look for
Here’s a peek at what the new Brenau home page looks like.
Click on the image above to try it out.
There is a new look and some new functionality for the main university´s Website, Although the underlying technology is quite different – and a lot more stable than the previous Web site – the navigation is essentially the same. And there is a great improvement in the search capabilities.

To explore the site, you may have to clear out your old Web browser´s cache by erasing your previous browsing history (you can leave your passwords and other user features alone, however). It is a relatively easy process. (In Internet Explorer, for example, look for the first option on the “Tools” menu; In Mozilla Firefox, it´s the “Delete Browsing History” item under that “Tools” menu).

If you find something that is not working properly or you encounter missing or outdated content, contact Rudi Kiefer at or 770-534-6166.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011