Academy students still seeking donations in Pennies for Patients campaign

Brenau Academy students collected close to $100 thus far in the Pennies for Patients campaign. But that´s not small change. The program, which runs through the rest of this week, however, encourages Brenau faculty, staff and students on the Gainesville campus to drop off their small change (or large bills, if you prefer) at the donation jars located at the library, tea room, cafeteria, admissions, bookstore, gym, post office and the Academy. Those on other Brenau campuses or those who want to make non-cash donations can do so at

The donations go to aid victims of blood cancer, which kills one person in the United State every 10 minutes – about 148 people a day. So, empty out your pockets and change purse to help make a difference.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011