Theater major stands tall at Halloween Costume Contest

Theater major stands tall at Halloween Costume ContestThere were many fancy entries in this year”s contest, ranging from the Pregnant Nun to the Escaping Prisoner, with cowboys and burnt-out teachers in the middle, flanked by princesses and a matching pair of salt-and-pepper shakers. A life-size paper pirate, bearing a remarkable resemblance to President Schrader, was casting scary glances at the audience as well.

But first prize in the event went to the persona exhibited by David Allen Story, a theater student. Standing close to 7 feet tall, his “Maleficent” projected an image of evil authority that was impossible to deny.

Second Prize went to Aramark”s own A.B., dressed as Medea.

Special thanks are due to Julissa White for providing music, and to all the participating students who voted for best costume.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2011