Wicked witch frightens students; president steps in

Wicked witch frightens students; president steps in“She really scared me,” said Yao Cui WC´13 after encountering the evil witch that´s haunting an office on campus. Spotting the incident through a very powerful telescope, a presently piratic President Schrader intervened, fully armed and clearly related to one Jack Sparrow. “You do what you have to do, Halloween or not,” said the protector of students and anyone else feeling intimidated by the Lady of the Steaming Cauldron.

Sweetening the deal, the fearless witch hunter was seen in the library distributing candy to students, staff, and surprised faculty.

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Look for more seafaring, ghostly, otherworldly and downright outrageous appearances at the annual Staff Halloween Party and Costume Contest Monday Oct.31 (see article below).

Friday, October 28, 2011