Greene drives creation of new forum with accrediting body

Vincas Greene, chair of the Brenau dance department, initiated and conducted a new forum for private institutions at the National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD) annual conference Sept 16. Greene led the forum, which included Brigham Young university, Chapman, Savannah College of arts 7 Design, Mercyhurst, and Jacksonville among many others. NASD is the national accrediting body for schools of dance. The Brenau University department of dance is accredited. Each year at the national conference, forums have been held for professional schools (like the school of Atlanta Ballet) and for colleges and universities. These forums are for addressing needs and sharing information that is pertinent to these specific groups. Greene said he recommended the forum for private institutions to address their specific needs that are different from public institutions such as the effects of economic recession, faculty loads and expectations, and the balance of a narrowly focused “professional discipline” in a broad-based liberal arts environment. 

Friday, October 14, 2011